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bimmers Philosophy

BMW may want you to believe that your new BMW can go 7000+ miles before an oil change, however this is just not true. Regular preventative maintenance is a must when driving any car. As an independent repair facility, we suggest that oil changes and other minor services should be done every 3000 miles or 3 months, and major services ought to be done every year. This is from real experience in the real world, not tested in a controlled environment like car manufacturers do. Regular checkups ensure that your BMW will last longer, perform optimally, and ultimately save you money or your life.

Like the cars we service, Bimmers Clinic is dedicated to having a clean and organized repair facility. Some say that at Bimmers Clinic, you can eat right off the floor. The cleanliness of the shop represent how we like to see your car - clean and durable. We have all the right tools and equipment to work on your complex BMWs.

Bimmers Clinic constantly invests into the latest technology and equipment like BMW GT1, and ISTA/ISIS Diagnostic Computers, Dell computers, Lista shelves, Snap-On tools, and data software such as TIS(Technical Information System), ETK (Electronic Parts Catalog), and AllData. BCI always has the latest information regarding your vehicle.

All our tools and parts are kept in meticulously organized and maintained Lista cabinets and drawers. We keep the parts free from dust in easy to find shelves. All this to ensure perfection to the customer.